8 reasons to choose D.M. Burns Security, Inc.
to design and install your security alarm,
fire alarm, or fire sprinkler system


Burns Security- Burglar & Fire Alarm Systems NH

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Reason #1: We limit our coverage area
We only provide security and fire alarm solutions within an approximate 30 mile radius.This includes the Seacoast of NH, including Hampton, Exeter, Portsmouth, Dover, Rochester, and all the surrounding towns.

Why do we limit the area we cover?

To be honest with you, because of response time. If we serviced clients too far away, our response times would suffer, and you wouldn’t get the best service that we can give, in the timeframe you need it.

And our clients deserve the best!

Reason #2: Over 31 years of experience in keeping our clients safe
Our clients include homes, small and medium business, local hospitals, and schools.

Fire and Police departments, and local municipalities have also depended on us for quality Burglar Alarm and Security Systems, CCTV Systems, Card Access Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, and Fire Sprinkler Systems for over 31 years!

Be assured that your security or fire alarm system will be properly designed, installed, and maintained for many years to come by our specially trained technicians.

We are not some fly-by-night company that takes your money and then disappears. D.M. Burns Security, Inc. employs 12 carefully-selected individuals, many who have been with us for 10 or more years, that will do your job right, the first time.

Reason #3: The right technician with the right part
at the right time
With 7 vans and trucks, fully stocked with spare parts, and the qualified technicians to troubleshoot and fix your specific problems, typical response time for any service needed will be lightning fast.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at our response time.

At your disposal, will be fully trained technicians, on call 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, so our response time is super fast, usually less than 4 hours.

We stake our good reputation on your complete satisfaction.

Reason #4: Complete security and fire alarm system systems integration
Many times, especially with new structures, our clients need a security system, a fire alarm system, and a sprinkler system.  Believe me, you can save a lot of money and headaches when we design and install these systems at the same time.

Instead of a hodge-podge of different equipment manufacturers, we can install fully UL tested and approved equipment from fewer manufacturers that are guaranteed to work together.

The benefit to you is a more cost effective, more efficient, and more professional system that you will be happy with and will work properly when it has to.

Reason #5:   No worries about getting incomplete proposals that end up costing you more money
Any proposal or plans you receive from us will be absolutely complete right up front. After we consult and work on your plan, there is nothing left to chance. We will include everything you need in our proposal, from nuts to bolts.

Then, we will discuss different options with you so you can make an informed decision about your protection plan.Knowing the pros and cons of different options is only to your advantage.

We've seen far too many clients get suckered and select a company with a much cheaper price in the beginning, only to find out they didn’t include all the necessary equipment to do the job right.

Unfortunately for you, it's usually too late when you find out it's because they didn’t include things like the monthly monitoring service fees or didn’t provide the optimum number of sensors in a room, or something like that.

Can you say ka-ching, ka-ching?

Reason #6: We work well with others involved in strategic planning any of your projects
Many other security companies don’t like to deal with local police and fire officials, insurance company reps, contractors, builders, and whoever else may need to be involved with planning and installing these types of systems.

We are actually the complete opposite. With your consent, of course, we will contact and consult with any people we need to, in order to make sure you get what you really need, based on your specific needs and also to meet any specific local or state codes and ordinances.

This is especially important now, because of the numerous and often changing state and local codes that need to be followed.

Current building codes for fire alarm and sprinkler systems can get pretty complex and detailed and you need to know that you are getting everything you need in the right places at the right time.

Any necessary permits from the city and state will be part of our proposal and project plan.

The last thing you need, and we see it all the time, is to get a system designed by someone that is significantly cheaper up front, and find out in 6 months you need to completely retrofit it in order to get up to code.

Remember, you always get what you pay for!  ALWAYS!

Reason #7: Our Certifications and Licenses
As proud members of the NBFAA (National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association) and the NHAA (New Hampshire Alarm Association), rest assured that D.M. Burns Security, Inc. works hard to uphold the professional code of ethics currently in place by each organization.

Reason #8:  We are real people, too.
Each one of us is competent, and friendly, plus we treat our clients with the respect they deserve. 

We firmly believe in the old saying "treat others like you want them to treat you!". 

You will get from us the premium service and respect that our competitors don't want to give you.
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